Three Generations
One Mission

Why we are building Generation Lab

We're living in exciting times, where aging can be reversed and diseases prevented. At Generation Lab, our mission is clear: to extend the human life to help people live longer, healthier lives. Grounded in cutting-edge science and AI-powered technology, we help people identify risks before symptoms arise and implement action plans to reverse aging.

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We have discovered the roadmap to longevity.

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Our Founding Team

Alina Rui Su

Alina Rui Su

Co-Founder & CEO

Harvard Medical School PhD Candidate

Techstars & Harvard Innovation Lab Alum

Founder of NovaXS Biotech invested by Baxter

Forbes 30 Under 30 Boston

Prof. Irina Conboy, PhD

Prof. Irina Conboy, PhD

Co-Founder & Chair of SAB

UC Berkeley Bioengineering Professor

Aging Field Leader Paved the way for rejuvenation biology

Inventor of the rejuvenating effects of parabiosis

Michael Suswal

Michael Suswal

Co-Founder & COO

Co-Founded Unicorn Company Standard AI (Raised $265M)

Ex YC Founder invested by Softbank

Pioneer of retail AI and autonomous checkout category

Our Story

It all started in 2002 with a new revelation about aging...

A world renowned authority on bioengineering and aging, UC Berkeley, Dr. Irina Conboy has devoted her life's work to better understanding longevity and lifespan. In 2002, she discovered the first aging reversal through therapeutic plasma exchange, also known as parabiosis.

...and in 2023, we discovered the roadmap to longevity.

In 2023, she and her team made a groundbreaking discovery on aging: DNA methylation and levels of “biological noise” in our organs and body functions were biomarkers for the rate of aging and risk of disease.

Spanning three generations, the founders share a singular goal: to improve and extend the quality of life for everyone across the world.

In 2024, Generation Lab was introduced to the World!

After decades in the making, Generation Lab brought its groundbreaking test and action plans to market. Clinics and early adopters report they're seeing positive changes in as little as a couple of months. Our mission to help people live better, longer continues!

Start your longevity journey today!

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