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SystemAge Test Kit

Foundation Plan

$149 / mo

$447 billed quarterly

SystemAge tests / year

Expert review sessions / year

Biological aging reports / year

The SystemAge Test

  • checkmark Identify the 460+ gene markers that cause aging
  • checkmark See the aging process of your body's systems and organs
  • checkmark Track progress and impact of aging intervention plan
  • checkmark Billed quarterly. Cancel anytime after 3 months
  • * The test result is most accurate for people ages 25-75 years old. Precision of results for people above 75 and under 25 will improve with time. No one can do better, but as our data quantity increases, results for people outside our core range will improve.

1-on-1 Doctor Consultation

  • checkmark Expert insight on your personal aging progress
  • checkmark Personal consultation with Generation Lab affiliated clinic
  • checkmark Access to in-person longevity clinic

Actionable Intervention Plans

Customized action plans aimed at age reversal and disease prevention

  • checkmark Expert insight on your aging progress
  • checkmark Actionable intervention plans for healthier aging
  • checkmark Our app keeps you accountable

Only Generation Lab Provides

This is the first test that is able to Test, Track, and Intervene the causes of aging at an individual level.

Most Extensive Genetic Test in the World

Our advanced DNA test allows you to track aging and compare progress every two months. It's the most precise and comprehensive on the market.

Precise & Accurate

The first test to Test, Identify, and Track aging at the molecular level.

Backed by Decades of Science

Your report is based on 20+ year of aging research by the world’s leading scientists.

Sample report

Aging measurement based on biomolecular evidence.

Identify the 460+ gene markers that identify causes of aging.

Part of a Biobank for Aging to help prevent disease and extend lifespan.

What Our Tests Reveal

Our test serves as a DNA methylation noise detector, uncovering and evaluating biological noise within your body to accurately gauge your biological age.

Biological Noise

Top Aging Factors

Uncover aging factors across seven body systems and twelve organs, providing the foundation for precise intervention plans.

Top Aging Factors

Aging Stressors

Cumulative molecular stressors contribute to accelerated aging. We measure this pressure to gain comprehensive insight into the pace of aging.

Aging Stressors

Aging Trajectory

Acquire precise insights into aging progress, evaluate the efficacy of intervention plans, and proactively prevent disease for a healthier life.

Aging Trajectory

Start Your Journey to Longevity Today

The journey to living a longer, healthier life starts with a simple test that takes a few minutes.

A simple test at home and return by mail

A simple test at home and return by mail

Order a DNA test kit online for swift delivery to your doorstep or convenient pickup at our partner clinic.

Review with healthcare experts

Review with healthcare experts

In 3-4 weeks, you'll review a detailed lab report with our doctors online or in-person, offering insights into your aging journey.

Follow your path to vitality

Follow your path to vitality

Follow your personalised intervention plan from Generation Lab to thrive in a healthier lifestyle.

Track your improvement

Track your improvement

We test every 2 or 3 months to keep track your data. Our goal is to lead you to a healthier life.

Put a Personalized Action Plan in Place.

Tailor aging interventions based on their individual epigenetic response. Our accurate assessment of biological age serves as a crucial tool for clinicians to determine the necessity and extent of age-reversal interventions.

People Love Generation Lab

Our test is tailored for individuals aged 25 and above who are passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are always intrigued by cutting-edge technology.


As a busy mom at 35, staying healthy is crucial for both me and my family. Finding the right diet has been a challenge. But Generation Lab is game changer! It's given me clear insights and control over my health. Thrilled to have found it!


Designer | 35 year-old


As a father of two approaching 50, I’m ever conscious about the next phases of life. Generation Lab has given me a window into my own body’s ‘noise’ and key risk areas. The easy-to-follow action plans are helping me to get ahead of potential diseases, reverse aging, and make the new chapter my best chapter!


Marketing Expert | 49 year-old

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