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Measure health and aging of 19 body functions and provide personalized action plans to reverse aging.

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Crafted by pioneering longevity scientists, Generation Lab offers personalized insights and strategies to measure, monitor, and combat the effects of aging. Our customized action plans are designed to not only release the pressure of aging but also prevent disease and promote a healthier, longer life.

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19 Organs and Systems

Biological age for 19 different organs and systems in your body.

Your Aging Trajectory

The predictable course or path of your health follow over time based on “noise”.

Personalized Action Plans

Customized lifestyle strategies or treatments based on your unique epigenetic information.

Know yourself

Action Plans with You in Mind

We provide anti-aging action plans, monitor progress, with visible changes possible within 2 months.

We all age differently, influenced by our body's 'biological noise'. Using your epigenetic insight to identify biomarkers for aging and disease, we can uniquely assess the level of 'noise' and rate of aging.

Aging Trajectory

Backed By Science


Years of dedicated research in the field of aging and regenerative medicine.


Citations from Peer-reviewed scientific papers authored by leading scientists of Generation Lab.


Accuracy for measuring aging associated DNA methylation, powered by Illumina

Start Your Journey to Longevity Today

The journey to living a longer, healthier life starts with a simple test that takes a few minutes.

A simple test at home and return by mail

A simple test at home and return by mail

Order a DNA test kit online for swift delivery to your doorstep or convenient pickup at our partner clinic.

Review with healthcare experts

Review with healthcare experts

In 3-4 weeks, you'll review a detailed lab report with our doctors online or in-person, offering insights into your aging journey.

Follow your path to vitality

Follow your path to vitality

Follow your personalised intervention plan from Generation Lab to thrive in a healthier lifestyle.

Track your improvement

Track your improvement

We test every 2 or 3 months to keep track your data. Our goal is to lead you to a healthier life.

Generation Lab Longevity Solutions

Easy-to-use tests and personalized action plans that chart your longevity journey.

Foundation Plan

$149 / mo

The SystemAge Test

  • 4 SystemAge test / year
  • 4 Biological aging report / year

Actionable intervention plans

Customized action plans aimed at age reversal and disease prevention

Free Cancellation after 3 months

Introductory Test

$499 / yr

The SystemAge Test

  • 1 SystemAge test
  • 1 Biological aging report

Actionable intervention plans

Customized action plans aimed at age reversal and disease prevention

One time only

VIP Program

$3499 / yr

The SystemAge Test

  • 6 SystemAge test / year
  • 6 Biological aging report / year

Actionable intervention plans

Customized action plans aimed at age reversal and disease prevention

Annual commitment required

Only for VIP Program

  • checkmark Access to a select VIP Longevity Doctor for one-on-one consultation
  • checkmark $500 off discount of therapies
  • checkmark Generation Lab merchandise
  • checkmark Invitation to a VIP longevity event in San Francisco
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Irina and her team are taking cutting edge research straight out of the lab and applying it to a pressing issue: identifying disease much earlier than ever before possible using genetic markers. It's a pivotal moment in epigenetics and I'm excited to see what unfolds.

George Church, PhD

The Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School


We are now ready for healthcare 3.0 focusing on prevention. Generation Lab is the tool that I trust.

Dr. Adeel Khan, MD

Founder of Eterna Health


Aging Is Not Just a Number, But a Symphony of Signals. Before your body sends an RSVP to diseases like Alzheimer's or diabetes, it starts blasting warning signals. Catching these early with Generation Lab could be the key to staying healthier, longer.

Dr. Alberto Fernandez, MD

CEO and Co-founder of Crotalus Labs


Generation Lab’s tests enable us to identify when a person has a proclivity towards certain conditions and suggest approaches that can help to attenuate, delay or even eliminate those risks. This paves the way to novel anti-aging medicine for identifying and treating diseases early - even when a person is pre-symptomatic - which leads to better outcomes.

Irina Conboy, PhD

Co-founder of Generation Lab, and Professor at University of California at Berkeley

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